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Future Grid

Energy Storage market is exploding

The Vision

BrightSource, a global technology leader in automated (SW based) large-scale distributed power dispatch, aims to be the world’s premier vendor of Stored Energy Scheduling Systems (SESS) that make electric grids sustainable, reliable, resilient and affordable – dominating a Stored Energy market of $35B and tapping to a SaaS service TAM of more than $2B in 2030.

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The Story

The BrightSource OASES suite (Operational Access Stored Energy Scheduling), based on proprietary distributed optimization technology that today operates 700 MW at 7 Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants in California and Israel, has been developed over 16 years by some of Israel’s brightest minds to manage tens of thousands of devices to orchestrate intermittent supply with volatile demand. Scalable in orders of magnitude, we have a unique opportunity to lead stored energy scheduling globally.

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The Solution - OASES

Available as a cloud software as a service (SaaS) or on-premises software, OASES optimizes charge & discharge schedules for stored energy fleets, scaling to hundreds of thousands of units at time horizons from microseconds to months, offering energy dispatch services to electric power markets as well as ancillary services such as reactive power and voltage regulation, frequency regulation, operating reserves and system restoration.

OASES optimizes according to power markets’ wholesale price signals, demand and supply forecasts, operational models and status of fleets and their units, and operators’ business objectives, under a business model of shared marginal value with base subscription fees.


The Market

OASES will enable customers to optimally charge at low costs and discharge at high prices: generators will enjoy increased energy and ancillary service profits, integrated utilities will deliver a more resilient and affordable service to their customers. Mobile and distributed stationary storage operators will be able to participate in electric power markets for additional profit streams, enabled by our distributed capabilities.

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