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Expand our source of energy

Our people are our most important source of energy. 

If you are full of good energy and are ready to shine strong, we invite you to join our BrightSource team!


Working at BrightSource

BrightSource is the recognized world leader in renewable thermal-solar energy, and have developed key technologies and systems in software, electronics and mechanics which contribute greatly to humankind’s ability to harness the power of the sun, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and make this world a better place. We are proud of what we have achieved, and as we start each workday (at home, in the office or in one of our global field offices) we look forward to new challenges and the opportunity to do better.  Tens of thousands of giant mirrors are controlled by our AI-assisted system to track the sun, mitigate clouds and sandstorm to turn all that energy into electricity.  Nowadays, with climate change and global warming looming, the world is making giant leaps in renewable energy, mostly solar and wind power, electric car chargers, solar rooftops and wind farms which cannot work without intelligent orchestration and optimization that will integrate them into the so-called ‘Future Grid’.

There are amazing people here, working as a strong professional and human community, facing challenges together and creating fun atmosphere, we have a unique culture of teamwork and we do work with a lot of meaning. We’re based in Jerusalem, Har-Hotzvim, with simple access from high-speed train station.

We work hybrid and really like to meet each other in the office.

Open Positions


Looking for a different position that better suits your energy level?

Contact us at and let’s see if we have something else for you.

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